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50 Blissful Yoga Statistics for 2024

Yoga is still one of the most popular ways to move, connect, heal and express yourself.

Sure it’s not as hot as pilates or the latest group workout class. But it’s solidly mainstream now and here to stay.

Is it still growing as fast as it once was? Not as much. According to some research, yoga search interesest has peaked:

But different segments like acroyoga and creative yoga fusions are growing like gangbusters.

Over the past several decades, yoga has increasingly become one of the most popular fitness trends in the United States.

Most Popular States for Yoga

Where is yoga the most popular, relative to population? You may guess California, but that’s only #10. It’s actually in crunchy Vermont.

Hawaii, perhaps the best place for yoga retreats in the U.S., comes in at #2.

Here are the top 10 states by interest level:

StateInterest Level
Rhode Island81
District of Columbia78
New York75
New Hampshire74

And I don’t love the stereotypes, but the South just isn’t nearly as interested in yoga:

StateInterest Level
South Dakota40
West Virginia27

All data from Google Trends September 2023.

New Yoga Research Studies

According to Psychology Today, “Yoga-based interventions are an alternative for the treatment of mood disorders”. The article author, Susan Trachman, M.D., is an associate professor at George Washington University and a board-certified psychiatrist in adult and forensic psychiatry. She highlights multiple studies that showed how an intentional use of yoga can be therapeutic for traumatic stress disorder, gastrointestinal issues, and a few other ailments.

According to a new Harvard study: Hot yoga may help ease depression. A study by Harvard Medical School, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry on October 23, 2023, involved 65 adults with depression who were either assigned to hot yoga sessions twice a week or placed on a waiting list. After eight weeks, the yoga group showed a significant reduction in depression symptoms, with about 60% experiencing a 50% or more decrease, compared to only 6% in the wait-list group. While not comparing hot yoga to other forms, the study indicates its potential as a standalone or supplementary treatment for depression, though caution is advised for individuals with certain health conditions. Takeaway: do hot yoga 2x a week for 90 minutes, and you’ll help ease depression symptoms.

History of Yoga

The origin of the practice, however, is much older than that. Developed in India over 5,000 years ago, long before the creation of structured religion and belief systems, yoga was created as a philosophy.

person doing meditation outdoors

The practice was a culmination of meditation, breathwork, and spiritual development.

Although Americans were introduced to the practice of yoga in 1893, it has caught on like wildfire in recent years, developing into a fad-like phenomenon.

Regardless of the purpose, practitioners have reported significantly positive benefits to mind, body, spirit and beyond.

When COVID was making waves throughout 2022, and with further repercussions later, the yoga experience largely shifted from in-person classes to online classes. Although, since yoga is a much more mobile activity than other sports – such as Crossfit, machine-heavy workouts, or tennis – the practice hasn’t been affected nearly as much.

The Proof is on the Mat: 50 Fascinating Yoga Statistics to Date

Yoga has had a considerable effect on the economy as well. An entire industry has been formed surrounding the ever-growing practice and fitness trend. From yoga pants to yoga mats, blocks, straps and more – a entire economy has arisen.

Below is a compilation of 50 all-encompassing yoga statistics, covering multiple aspects of the ancient practice in our modern society. Despite it’s popularity, there are still plenty of skeptics. This data may help to clear up some of the most common assumptions and misconceptions.

How Many People Practice Yoga? Top Yoga Growth and Popularity Stats

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Yoga has become one of the fastest-growing wellness practices in the past decade.

  • Worldwide, approximately 300 million people regularly practice yoga.
  • Approximately 36 million Americans practice yoga regularly.
  • In the past 5 years alone, yoga practitioners in the U.S has increased by over 50%.
  • The number of men practicing yoga went from 4 million to 10 million between 2012 and 2016 – an increase of 150%
  • 34% of Americans are likely to try yoga for the first time in the next 12 months.
  • Currently, 1 in 3 Americans(30%), have at least tried yoga.
  • 2019 statistics list yoga as one of the top 10 fitness trends in the world.
  • By 2020, the number of U.S yoga practitioners will grow to over 55 million.

Yoga Mental and Emotional Health Benefits Statistics

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Regular yoga practitioners reported the following when surveyed about the effects of yoga on emotional well-being:

  • 86% report a reduction in stress.
  • 69% report a positive increase in temperament and mood.
  • 63% report yoga mentally motivates them to exercise more.
  • 59% report an improvement in sleep quality and quantity.
  • 86% report an overall improved sense of mental wellness and clarity.
  • 28% report a noticeable reduction of depression symptoms.
  • 79% report a feeling of closeness with their community and wanting to give back.

Physical Benefits of Yoga Stats

woman balancing her body on olive-green mat

Yoga has been shown to provide both physical and functional benefits as well as ease symptoms of chronic and internal disease.

  • 77% report being physically stronger.
  • 82% of patients surveyed with chronic inflammation reduced inflammation by nearly 50% after just 6 weeks daily yoga.
  • 47% of patients surveyed with progressive heart disease, stopped further progression completely after one year of regular yoga practice.
  • 37% of people who drank excessively and/or smoked cigarettes credit yoga with encouraging them to stop.
  • 74% of arthritic adults used regular yoga practice to dramatically reduce pain and stiffness and increase mobility, according to a 2018 UK study.
  • 12 months of regular yoga can decrease total cholesterol by 23% and 26% of the LDL “bad” cholesterol.
  • Over 80% of yoga practitioners with prior back pain reported significant relief of symptoms.

Industry-Related Yoga Statistics

A group of friends at a coffee shop

Despite its minimal nature, yoga continues to produce a sizable profit in a rapidly expanding industry.

  • Collective annual spending among Yogi’s on classes, apparel and accessories reached nearly 18 billion dollars in 2018 – About $63,000 per individual.
  • There are currently 6,000 operating yoga studios in the U.S.
  • As of 2018, there are 18,000 yoga instructor school in the United States.
  • There were over 52,000 registered yoga instructors in 2017.
  • The revenue generated by the yoga industry in the US is projected to rise to $11.6 billion by 2020.
  • The market for yoga has grown on a global level to 80 billion dollars.
  • Lululemon, a popular yoga apparel retailer has grown 18% in just one year, grossing 929 million.
  • 24% of yogi’s in the United States practice from home using some form of digital guided yoga.
  • 53% of women reported ease of menstrual symptoms with regular yoga practice.

Stats on Why People Practice Yoga

people doing yoga during daytime

The following are the most popular reasons people surveyed have given for practicing yoga. Some reported one or more of the following:

  • 61% desired an increase in flexibility.
  • 56% sought yoga for stress relief.
  • Over 30% began practicing yoga to ease symptoms of depression.
  • 49% wished to improve general fitness and overall health.
  • 44% wanted to increase strength.
  • Over 45% were referred by friends or family.
  • Just 13% of people practice due to a medical condition.

Characteristics of Yogis

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The following are common characteristics shared among those regularly practicing yoga.

  • 75% of yoga practitioners participate in other forms of exercise such as running and cycling.
  • Over 55% of regular yoga practitioners attend 2-3 classes per week.
  • Over 40% of yogis plan to experiment with more wellness activities in 2020. We expect this to skyrocket through 2021-2022 as well.
  • 67% want to practice more yoga than they did last year.
  • 41% of yogis are vegetarian.
  • Approximately 50% of yoga practitioners focus on meditation.
  • Over 50% of those practicing yoga are more likely to volunteer and have donated to charities in the last year.

Yoga is Ageless: Yoga Demographics

woman doing yoga at daytime

More recently, yoga has begun attracting curious people of all age brackets and continues to branch out.

  • A 2016 study revealed that 8% of children in the United States are practicing yoga.
  • 19% of yoga practitioners range between ages 18-29.
  • Individuals aged 30-39 make up 43% of Yoga practitioners.
  • Individuals over age 50 have shown the largest increase in yoga participation, recently reaching 38% of total yogi’s in the U.S
  • 6.7% of yoga practitioners in the U.S are over the age of 65.

Recent Yoga News of Relevance

  1. The New York Times released a list of 7 yoga books to deepen your practice on Jan 22, 2024 – I’ll be checking out some of these after I get through my current backlog!
  2. Apparently…a Tiny Cat Yoga Mat is going viral on Etsy – not sure what to say about this one!

Top Yoga Companies:

  1. Manduka
  2. Alo Yoga
  3. Lululemon
  4. Gaiam
  5. Vuori

Celebrities and Famous People who do Yoga

  1. Gisele Bündchen
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow
  3. David Beckham
  4. Jessica Biel
  5. Matthew McConaughey
  6. Colin Farrell
  7. Beyonce
  8. Tom Hanks
  9. Jessica Alba
  10. Jennifer Aniston
  11. Russell Brand
  12. Kate Hudson
  13. Justin Timberlake
  14. Ryan Gosling
  15. Lady Gaga
  16. Adam Levine
  17. Madonna
  18. Jeremy Piven
  19. Orlando Bloom
  20. Robert Downey Jr
  21. Reese Witherspoon
  22. Russell Simmons
  23. Alessandra Ambrosio
  24. Sting
  25. Christy Turlington
  26. Hilaria Thomas Baldwin
  27. Kaley Cuoco
  28. Nicole Scherzinger
  29. Katy Perry


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