Best Cork Yoga Mats for Eco-Friendly Grip

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I’ll be honest – I hadn’t heard about cork yoga mats until very recently.

Why mess with a good thing? My Manduka Pro XL yoga mat is perfectly rugged and supposed to last me a lifetime.

But there are some good reasons to check out cork yoga mats:

  • They are eco-friendly, since cork is sustainably harvested from trees that don’t have to be chopped down to harvest the cork material
  • Cork is absorbent, perfect for reducing slippage during hot yoga sessions
  • Cork is naturally anti-microbial, perfect for coronavirus days

And you know what, now that I think about it, I do get a strong whiff of rubber every time I flow though the vinyasa. Small bother, but it’s there.

So my eyes have been opened. I’m ready to get corked!

1. Luxury Cork Yoga Mat – Body By Yoga

A thick yoga mat made of premium Portuguese cork, and created by yoga teachers. Most popular cork yoga mat on Amazon.

Top Features:

  1. Extra-thick cork for comfort
  2. Premium Portuguese cork – 6x the density of competitors
  3. Longer and wider than competitors

This is the top-reviewed cork yoga mat on Amazon, so we just had to see what it was all about. With a natural rubber backing, it takes care of one of the most annoying parts of yoga – rolling out the mat. The rubber makes it easy and roll out flat and fast.

This bad boy weights 9 pounds – which is good and bad. If you have avian bone syndrome, it may be a bit heavy when you walk across the parking log from your Jetta to the front door. But for most tough-boned yogis, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Reviewers love this thing. One veteran yoga instructor says they found the mat they’ve been looking for after a long search. The thickness is a big deal – and makes for ultimate comfort during knee-heavy poses. Headstands are even more difficult, and that’s where this super-thick cork shines.

The anti-slip properties are also a huge boon with reviewers. The more we research cork, the more we wonder if rubber mats will become a thing of the past! In addition to the absorbency, the textured cork surface just makes things easier all around.

2. Non-Toxic Cork Yoga Mat – Repose Yoga

Perhaps the most eco-friendly yoga mat, using no glue or PVCs and other chemicals in the process. Easy rollup with a strap.

Top Features:

  1. Non-slip cork surface, may be best material
  2. Super eco-friendly, no glue, and recycled rubber
  3. At 72″ x 24″, it’s perfectly size for most athletes.

At just 6 lbs, this lightweight cork yoga mat is perfect for yogis on the move. The non-slip cork surface makes your hot yoga classes frustration-free.

Reviewers say they don’t even need to take a towel to hot yoga class, that’s how absorbent the cork is. Reviewers love how comfortable the mat is and how easy it is to carry.

At a mid-range price and solid reviews, this mat is worth a solid try.

3. Dual Cork and Rubber Yoga Mat – Hautest Health

With both rubber and cork sides, it's the best of both worlds. Maybe even better than mats at triple the price.

Top Features:

  1. Non-slip cork surface on one side, rubber on the other
  2. Eco-friendly renewable cork
  3. No chemicals used in production

This 4.5mm thick yoga mat earns raving reviews from beginner and expert yogis alike. Some even claim it beats much more expensive mats on the market.

The cool thing about this is you can decide if you want to go rubber side up or cork side up, with benefits to both methods. So if you can’t decide between a rubber or cork mat, this is the best of both worlds.

Reviewers love how comfortable the mat is, even calling it silky smooth. Definitely a top consideration. Get it.

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