Yoga can be one of the most affordable active activities you can do. In theory you could do it with no additional accessories and YouTube brings us some really high quality that wasn’t available 10 years ago.

A lot of us have heard of and seen Yoga with Adriene, with an amazing 12.5 million followers on YouTube.

Her Flow with Adriene 2024 class is really popular. It’s a 30-day flow series. Check out this announcement:

The full 30-day playlist is here to dive into all of it!

Here are a few more yoga classes I’ve check out that I’ve liked.

Boho Beautiful Yoga: 60 Min Yoga Class For Flexibility, Mobility, & Strength

When I think “yoga in the jungle” I think of the vibes in this video. This 60-minute class taught by Juliana Spicoluk models after a lot of my favorite yoga classes – imbuing strong meditation and connection and relaxation while flowing with the moves.

The class is generally beginner-friendly with a warmup period, lots of downward dog transitions, nothing too complex, and a cooldown at the end.

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