Today we are planning ahead, with some Autumn detox suggestions. We are looking at ways to detox to compliment your yoga routine.

Between the pulsations of warm and cold weather, spring and fall create natural transitions. As the weather changes, Ayurveda describes that our cells go into a transition phase. This force of movement, named Vata or the wind force, becomes more active. This can be a good thing…. or a bad thing.

It’s a good thing if you take advantage of this transition to move out the accumulated energy from the last season. For example, in autumn we have the opportunity to move out accumulated heat from summer. We can do that through an Autumn Detox.

fall detox

The transition to autumn can be a bad thing if all that Vata wind energy simply drives the summer’s accumulated heat energy deeper into your cells – it would be like sticking yourself in a dehydrator before heading into winter. You don’t want to do that.

The purpose of an Autumn Detox is to take advantage of that natural transition time in your body, where the wind force can help you create the change you desire on a cellular level.

In an Autumn Detox you can:

Clear out excessive heat
Remove any toxins or waste in your cells
Balance your weight before the heavy energy of winter settles in
Lubricate your channels and cells to boost your immune system
Build the foundation for a healthy winter
Here are three simple tips for an easy Autumn Detox:

Tip #1: Keep it simple.

An autumn detox is different than a spring detox. In the spring, we’re releasing the heavy energies from winter. In autumn, we’re releasing the heat of summer and lubricating the channels to prepare for winter. Your spring detox, if you do one, can be more in depth than your autumn detox. In Autumn, a simple detox might be eating just apples for a few days. Honestly, that will do the trick. The pectin in apples is sticky and lubricating, while simultaneously being a soft bulking detox agent for your colon. This is pretty amazing as far as your colon is concerned. Apples are also sweet and astringent, both tastes which clear the excess heat of summer. If raw apples make you bloat, stew them with a pinch of cloves and cinnamon.

Other simple menus for an autumn detox include green smoothies and living soups for up to a week, heavy on the apples. Some people may opt for a juice fast, but that might be too depleting for those who struggle to keep weight on. Those folks might choose a more nutritive diet of the traditional Ayurvedic cleansing food kitchari. You can grab my recipes for this in the free detox recipe guide.

fall detox

Tip #2: Include oil.

This tip is familiar to those who’ve been exposed to Ayurveda, the healing science that co-evolved with yoga. This tip is absolutely foreign to Ayurvedic newbies. The theory is simple: toxins, including the heat toxins from summer, are oil soluble. This means toxins become dislodged when lubricated via oil. Oil can be part of your detox in a number of ways:

Give yourself a massage with oil every day during your detox. This lubes you, relaxes you, and helps your lymph (which holds the integrity of your immune system) move what it doesn’t want towards the exit doors.

Rub a few drops of sesame oil (not the toasted variety) in your ears. It’ll help prevent all colds and flus related to your head in winter. This is easy… but has massive results. When the cervical lymph system dries out viruses and bacteria can have a heyday. Keep it lubed and the viruses and bacteria can’t set up shop.
If you’re brave and experienced, do internal oleation therapy and oil enemas under the supervision of an Ayurvedic practitioner. This is only simple, if you’re supervised.

Tip #3: Do it with a friend.

I’m a huge advocate of the buddy system. The biggest reason the buddy system rates in my top 3 tips is accountability. Have you ever said to yourself, “I really need to change what I eat,” but found yourself eating the same the following week? I have. But when I have a buddy, and I require that buddy to hold me accountable to my highest intentions come hell or high water, it’s easier to realize my highest intentions.

If you don’t have any friends up for a detox, join a course that’s local or online. It’s a zillion times easier with a buddy. Many of us don’t have the support for our health evolution at home. That is okay – but stop looking for support where you can’t find it. Find someone, probably at your local yoga studio, who is just as interested, if not even more interested than you, in their health evolution. Ask them what Autumn Detox they are doing. Tell them you want to do it too. If you don’t know where to start, grab my free Yogidetox Guide. Once you have your detox buddy, follow these parameters:

Define your highest intentions for detox, within reason.
Lay out an action plan that will effectively allow you to reach your intentions. Recruit help with the action plan from experienced detox practitioners, if needed. Make sure you know your buddy’s plan.

Check in daily for 5 minutes each, or 10 minutes total. Look for ways to support, reinforce and remind your buddy of their highest intentions and their action plan.
Be totally entertained by the process – stay accountable, but have fun with it. Don’t become a detox-crazy, become a detox Lover.
And that is it! Just 3 tips. Keep it simple. Oil up. Do it with a friend!


We always recommend seeking Health advice from a medical professional before starting a detox or following any advice given on detoxs.